Worldmusic4life grows from my earliest days in search of a pathway to celebrate the gift of music and the people around the world who create and practice it.

This project is dedicated to my parents – my mother, Benita and my father Henry “Jimmy”. She sang and played timpani in her high school orchestra, which also explains my love of percussion instruments – my study if filled with drums collected from my travels.

My father owned a nightclub in Milwaukee, Wisconsin called the Club Chateau. On special occasions I got to hear live jazz by pianist Will Green playing the club’s white baby grand piano.

Here I’ll share my insights and experiences on a host of world music-related topics and more. And as time permits, I’ll invite you to join me on a journey, virtually and physically, to explore music with African roots and much more. So pack light with only your imagination as we learn about and explore sounds from lands near and far. Thank you for stopping by.

A brief bio: Jonathan Øverby, Ed.D., is an ethnomusicologist, concert artist, conductor, lecturer, percussionist, producer of live staged events, and travel host and curator.

He is the executive producer and host of Wisconsin Public Radio’s world music broadcast, “The Road To Higher Ground with Jonathan Øverby.”

Øverby holds degrees in administrative arts, vocal music and choral conducting, master’s degree in religious studies, doctorate in administrative leadership in higher education and, was the first post-doctoral fellow of Edgewood College in Madison. He served on the doctoral faculty of Edgewood College and on the faculty of UW-Waukesha.

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