Travel Essentials

My Must Have Travel The World Companions – short and long term travel excursions! And remember style and comfort are most essential!

For now here are just some:

1. Leave a hard copy of all your travel paperwork at home with family member or a friend.
2. Medications/vitamins (copy of prescriptions, health insurance card)
3. Glasses
4. Cellphone(s)
5. Travel Documents: (email copies to yourself) Visa, Passport, driver’s license, letters of invitation, documents ie. hard copy of in-country itinerary, airport logistics to and from, ground transportation, hotel address and reservation number, business cards, printed host contact information, list of foods to eat, places to see, etc.
6. Watch
7. Water Bottle
8. Sun Glasses
8. Camera (GoPro Camera)
9. Recording Equipment
10.Laptop/iPad, Wireless Hotspot Router, USB flash/thumb drive
11.Electronic cables and adaptors.
12.USB Multi-device Power Charger/Power Bank
13.International wall Plug-in converter adaptor
14.Travel Backpack
15.Day Backpack
16.In-country local map
17.Chewing Gum
18.Toiletry Case (soap, shaving, sun screen, toothbrush/picks, nail clippers, toothpaste, bug wipes, deodorant, bandaids, shampoo, brush, comb, lotion, bars of soap, grooming, etc.)
19.Headphones, ear plugs
20.US and local currency, credit card(s)
21.Eating utensils for travel; pocket knife type tool, small flashlight
22.Appropriate Culturally Enlightened Clothing
23.Packs of Tea and coffee
26.Face masks
29.Eye Mask
30.All The Right Clothes, compression socks, head to toe – hat, rain slicker, jacket, scarf, travel shoes, day shoes, party ones too, clothes line and Universal Rubber Drain Plug, small binoculars, safety whistle)
31.Sturdy luggage, use packing cubes, large black plastic bags, ziplock bags, woolite or dry laundry soap, duct tape.
32.Real book or downloads on a device
33.Ink pen, journal
34.Travel Door Alarm
35.Gifts for host(s)
36.List of suggested in-country travel tips